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Welcome to the Raspberry Ripple!

This fan Adventures in Odyssey blog + podcast, ran by two twin-like sisters, is focused on all things Odyssey, faith, and family fun! We hope that you will stay to join the journey and enjoy the content we produce!

Our Latest Posts


Hello friends! We are thrilled to announce a little project that we have been busy working on with two of the sweetest gals, Elissa and Hannah from AIO REVELATIONS! In so many ways we are very similar, as if we were quadruplets or something; God only knows! One thing that we ALWAYS enjoy talking about…

Inside of Grace’s Head: Auto Response

I just opened a fresh package of Oreo cookies when I realized that I have too many thoughts regarding Auto Response that I can’t help not to share. I typically do not write about AIO because so many people in the community do a much better job than I ever could, but today I feel…

S02E06 – All Things Buckles with Robby Bruce + Shona Rodman The Raspberry Ripple Podcast

A long-awaited episode is finally being released. In this episode, we had the chance to have a chat with actors Robby Bruce and Shona Rodman all about their characters and roles in AIO. Plus, some exciting news is accidently revealed, which is something you won't want to miss! 
  1. S02E06 – All Things Buckles with Robby Bruce + Shona Rodman
  2. Interview Trailer
  3. S02E05 RRP + AIOR
  4. S02E04 – Is All that Morrie did Good? Atticus Shaffer Tells All!!!
  5. S02E03 – Life Update + Teach a Man (commentary)